“I’m good and what have you done all day, terrorizing innocent servants?”

"Noooooo…just a few. Only because I was bored though!"

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“No really, but it would help a lot. But on’t talk too much, because then people will be annoyed of you.”

“I only say what I think it’s necessary. I enjoy a good silence, that’s why I’m quite quiet.” 

"Doesn’t the silence drive you mad sometimes?"


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“Well, if it isn’t little Lacie, how are you?”

"I’m good, I’m very good! How are you?"

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“I need to be talkative to be fun?” He didn’t know that, though Lacie had said it to him a lot of times. But he was… boring? So why does Glen laughs at him all the time? 

"No really, but it would help a lot. But on’t talk too much, because then people will be annoyed of you."

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Why was not surprised that Jack could mention his sister? At least, now he knew there was something wrong with the world itself─ since he now had two sisters. “Just needed to know something.” If there were two of Lacie, there could be two… of him

"You don’t really talk much you know? You’re a dreadfully boring adult. I thought they were supposed to be exciting or something of the sort." The more she thought about it, the more he did resemble her brother in both looks and actions. How very strange this all was.

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¨Oh, I see. Then I understand it all. It’s still a curious magic, being able to talk with your older self…¨

¨Oh yes! You’re already lovely like that, but when you grow up you will become a beautiful woman. Just like her.¨

"It really is, I wonder what’s the cause of this sort of thing. Perhaps we’ll never know."

"If that’s the case, then I am very glad! You said your name was Jack correct? Do you know me, the older me I mean? Do we meet when I get older?"

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“Just seeking a change in my monotonous life, little one, nothing that should interest someone of your age, at least I do not believe a child can entertain me.”  

"Who said I wanted to ‘entertain’ you? I am not a servant, goodness are all adults like this? I was just wondering why you picked here of all places to have a change of scenery? I’m sure you can try painting or something of the sort."

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The woman sat in the shelter of the Abyss, a shawl wrapped tightly around her shoulders, lost in thought. It was the same as last time … not that it would make any difference. It seemed always that she took the time to clear her mind, the memories of the human dimension would dawn on her, causing her heart to ache. She missed that cruel, ridiculous, beautiful world up there, and wished to returned. Even if she could … once someone is lost and dead, they can never be brought back. Glen had said so himself, that she could never return; she would be gone for good.

Lacie remembered it clearly as if it were yesterday. It was a wonder that Lacie was still alive in the Abyss, and she still recalled the pain she went through upon entering before her body was shot out for her daughter to use once she would arrive in the human world, the other the human vessel to obtain the power of the Abyss. It was strange, although she could never return as much as she wished; it was her punishment as a child of misfortune, after all.

Click. Click.


Curious, Lacie stood from where she sat, heading towards the source; was there someone else in the Abyss? It seemed that nowadays that people have been falling in, even though they were not illegal contractors. That confused Lacie greatly, although she did help them escape before the darkness could consume them entirely. Now, who else could be in here?

There! She spotted them, and walked towards them. “Excuse me? Miss, what are you doing down here?” Lacie spoke softly and stood a few feet away from her. When the girl turned, she took a step back in surprise, red eyes widening in bewilderment and shock.

“A…a younger version of me…?”

Lacie was no stranger to the Abyss. The seemingly never ending darkness did not frighten her like it would most children her age. No, she welcomed it without fear; it was almost like a second home to the child. She visited it as much as she could, because she knew it got lonely. Her tiny feet would walk her through the darkness while she hummed, sang, sometimes talked, or stayed quiet. The tiny girl could not wrap her mind around why people were afraid of this place, yes it was dark, but the world is dark too at times. They did not fear that. How strange people were. How oddly amusing their hypocritical actions seemed to be.

Lacie continued to walk, her tiny heeled shoes making echoing clicks as she walked through. Her arms wrapped tightly around a stuffed black rabbit with a pearly white bow around it’s neck. She would get a second one just like this one someday soon, and then she would give it as a gift to the Abyss so it wouldn’t be lonely anymore. The child knew that one day, she would die and would no longer be able to visit this place. Loneliness was a terrible thing, and she did not want the Abyss to be lonely any longer. The presence she always felt but could not hear or see would have a little friend as company when she was gone.

Then she heard them, a pair of footsteps coming toward her. Who else was here? She knew that sometimes people fell through or something strange like that, but she always made sure to stay away from them. They seemed positively insane with their crazed expressions and pleas to get out. Oddly enough though, she sometimes found it amusing to watch the from a safe distance.

Excuse me? Miss, what are you doing down here?

The tiny child did not answer right away, because she was currently staring at the woman in front of her. No, it was not one of those half insane people she caught glimpses of, and no she was not the presence she felt when she came her. The woman in front of her looked exactly like her, just older.

A…a younger version of me…?

So this really was her. Lacie still did not say anything because she was very confused. Why in the world was she (they?) both down here at the same time. Was the Abyss playing some sick joke on her? How dreadfully awful of it to do such a thing. She didn’t even think something like this would even be possible, but she thought wrong it seems.

"Perhaps…" She finally spoke up, eyeing the woman somewhat cautiously. "If your name is Lacie Baskerville that is. And if it is, why are you here? What are we doing talking to each other?"

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“Is that so?” 

“What was their name?” He was very curious to know about it. A smaller version of himself? He would have only thought Oswald would be his only look alike. Unless she meant a past version of himself? Leo wouldn’t be surprised though if that was the case.

"His name was Leo, just like yours, but he didn’t have a last name. At least he didn’t say it. He was tiny and scruffy and shy, kinda like a puppy. But he was nice and didn’t make fun of me for my eyes like some kids do." Perhaps she’d go visit him again whenever she got the chance.